What other's are saying about us

"Gary has a lot of foresight, and he is always in tune with business and technology. He knows how to lead a company and how to bring teams together. He is not afraid to take a position that he believes in, and does not avoid reality. He can build a sales force; he can take a company and grow it, and has the ability to see a new horizon, especially in a technology company that may see only limited possibilities. He gets beyond that."

Charles Ackerman, Chairman & CEO, Ackerman & Co.

"Gary is an executive level guy who can take a company and structure it, build it, discover opportunities and position the company to take advantage of opportunities in the market. He can deal with the personalities and herd the cats. Gary is the perfect guy to build something from the ground up and get investors for it. He understands markets, growth, and people."

Doug Becker, Attorney, Otten, Johnson, Robinson, Neff + Ragonetti,

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