What other's are saying about us

"Gary is a strategist and a visionary… he thinks big, sees the big picture and understands the concerns of the C-suite very well. He has an ability to synthesize complexities and get to simplicity on the other side of that complexity to drive change. He conveys his vision to people in a visionary way and an inspiring way."

Bob Vanourek, author Triple Crown Leadershi

"At Aragon Consulting Group, Gary led the company and key employees and made that into a successful global marketing consulting company. He was well known across the country and was working with major companies. He has a vision for what comes next and can look into the future a little better than the rest of us. He can take a deal or a company and can expand it into a successful enterprise."

Mike Dambach, Partner, BKD

About Us

GEM Strategy Management has built its practice among its clients by adhering to seven core principles that is the DNA to our culture, our dedication, our business experience, our analytic abilities, our subject matter expertise, and our standards of performance.  Our consultants strive to exceed client expectations by delivering business solutions that are a cut above most major consulting firms at a value that is rarely seen among our clients.   Our core principles are,

  1. Client Service Dedication
  2. Senior Level Consultants Work our Engagements
  3. Subject Matter Expertise
  4. Deep Analytic Skill Sets
  5. Innovative Business Solutions
  6. Real World Operating Expertise
  7. A Passion for Success

Client Service Dedication

Above all, GEM Strategy Management is a client-service driven organization. Our client's interests are our interests and we do all that we can to protect those interests. We operate with the highest levels of integrity, transparency and confidentiality. We strive to acquire a deep understanding of your business, your goals and your culture. We avoid client conflicts of interest. We assure our clients that we will not take on engagements from other clients at the same time that could be a conflict of interest with an existing client. We focus on building long term relationships, whether the engagement is financially structured on an hourly basis, a fixed cost basis or a retainer basis. Regardless of the structure, we align our interests with yours.

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Senior Level Consultants Work our Engagements

We only assign senior level consultants who have the expertise and experience needed to complete their portion of the engagement. We do not assign junior level consultants to handle portions of the assignment or to "be trained" on your "nickel" or to ramp up additional "billable hours". . While each of them has significant consulting experience, we require our senior consultants to have deep company operating experience as well. Most all will have occupied a C-Suite position during their careers. All know what it takes to "make a payroll". Most all will have experienced some if not all of the same problems you face.

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Subject Matter Expertise

GEM Strategy Management senior consultants have significant subject matter expertise and experience in a broad range of vertical industries. All of our consultants focus on the key performance areas that drive growth, profit, value creation and shareholder value. Whether it is qualitative or quantitative research, sophisticated financial modeling or using the latest predictive simulators, our professionals have the subject matter expertise to apply their solid business acumen to your individual situation.

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Deep Analytic Skill Sets

In today's world, there is no substitute for deep analytic skill sets when building a strategic business plan, establishing growth and expansion plans, or focusing on value creation for your exit strategies. Many middle market CEOs and their senior staffs have found themselves limited in their strategic options because they did not have the in-house expertise to conduct the critical analysis needed to fine tune and select the right strategic options. Whether you are trying to grow your business, sell your business or acquire a business, rigorous analysis is as good as the analytic tools and skill sets used. GEM Strategy Management consultants possess those analytic skill sets.

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Innovative Business Solutions

GEM Strategy Management brings a level of creativity that is a cut above most consulting practices. Whether you are examining alternative strategic growth strategies or examining alternative deal structures, creativity  and innovative solutions can be a competitive advantage or can save you headaches after a deal is completed. We bring that kind of business acumen and expertise with our partners that can make the difference between success and failure.

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Real World Operating Expertise

There is an old saying, “You can never really understand what you have not experienced”.  That’s why we require all of our senior consultants to have operated companies, experiencing the day to day trials and tribulations that our clients have.  That experience most always provides “insights” that cannot be acquired any other way.  Those insights coming from real world operating experience can often provide that additional “edge” to the subject matter expertise that each of our consultants possesses.

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A Passion for Success

Passion for success in anything that we do is that “extra difference” that is created and often leads to a new “lens” or “filter” to examine a given situation.   Our drive and our tenacity to “solve a problem”,” find a solution”, give extra “thought life” to an even “better solution” is the passion we possess.  Our passion for excellence, for knowing that each of our clients receives the “extra mile” is what gives us our day-to-day satisfaction – a job well done – for your success is our success.

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