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February 23, 2015

  Business By Gary Miller GEM Strategy Management Posted:   02/22/2015 12:01:00 AM MST Owners preparing for the sale of a company need to start planning three to five years before they actually go to market — and this includes … Continue reading

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February 16, 2015

  Posted on February 15th by Gary Miller PAGE E2 || SUNDAY, February 15, 2015 || THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC by Gary Miller CEO, GEM Strategy Management, Inc. Lacking sufficient capital to grow is the major constraint for most small and middle … Continue reading

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February 10, 2015

by Kathleen Winsor-Games, senior consultant, GEM Strategy Management, Inc. A merger or acquisition of your company has been announced, and you’re wondering, “Is my job safe?” Whether you are with the acquiring company, the acquired company, or part of a … Continue reading

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Welcome to GEM Strategy Management

Focusing on key performance areas that drives enterprise value and shareholder wealth is the central focus of GEM Strategy Management, Inc. a Denver headquartered management consulting firm.  We serve promising middle market companies throughout the U.S., and their sponsors, intermediaries, private equity firms, investment banking firms, venture capitalist, family offices and commercial banks. Our advisory services focus on 10 broad categories with deep skill sets in each.

GEM Strategy Management has assembled a network of senior level professional consultants with deep subject matter expertise and experience in their respective disciplines. All of our senior consultants have years of operations and consulting experience that provides our clients with a level of subject matter expertise found only in the largest consulting practices. Since each of our engagements is individually customized to the uniqueness of our clients, we only bring in those senior consultants needed to complete their respective portions of the engagement. We don't bring in junior professional staff to be trained "on your nickel". Each senior consultant stays with the engagement until his/hers respective portion of the engagement is completed. Therefore, our clients are charged for the consultants that are needed without paying the "overhead" of those consultants and junior staff that are not needed.

Thanks to our cost-effective business model, our firm is capable of providing you with a broad array of sophisticated consulting services at significantly lower costs compared to other major consulting firms.

In addition to our network of senior consultants, we partner with some of the leading law firms, accounting firms, investment banking firms and wealth planning firms in the U.S. We select the right firm (s) that has the subject matter expertise and depth of experience needed to provide our privately held clients with the most up-to-date expert advice when preparing and executing an "Exit Strategy"

We have assisted clients in various industries including Technology, Telecommunications, Cyber-security, Healthcare, Real Estate, Leisure and Hospitality, Utilities, Business Services, Consumer Services and Financial Services. Our depth of experience and subject matter expertise allows us to add value at many levels and in dissimilar asset classes.

Our group of highly sophisticated consultants has extraordinary expertise in helping companies create 21st century strategic solutions that help them reach their financial goals. Often, our senior consultants are asked to give "key note addresses", seminars, lectures and training for our clients. When you work with us, you are assured of the highest levels of business integrity and confidentiality.